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Model: 9V6935
Copper ring. Mahogany neck. Pure bristle blonde glued with epoxy resin...
Model: 9V24134
Handle with anti-drip rings to prevent scorch. Customizable with laser-engraved logo. Interchangeable head...
Producător: UNIVERSAL Model: 9V12000
Perie pentru curatire grup expresor cu maner antiscurgere cu peri de nylon, 10mm grosimeIdeala pentru curatirea garniturilor din grupul aparatelor de cafea ..
Producător: UNIVERSAL Model: 9V976
lungime totala 300mmdiametru 6,4mmlungime peri 40mmgaura minima 6mm..
Model: 9V6927
Customizable with laser-engraved logo. Pink is the color of women, of passion and love, lightens the mind and away the stress. Those who prefer pink is an open person, who loves to open up to others and is always looking for the contact with people...
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