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Producător: BIANCHI GEM FUTUREMA Model: 8F245WCR-N
With chromed cap. Suitable for portafilter similar to Faema E61 LEGEND M10 code 8F35516..
Model: 8C78-L-BLU
The color blue symbolizes harmony and balance. Blue relaxes us, as when we look at the sky we feel serene. Blue also symbolizes peace. Those who have a preference for the color blue are graced with deep feelings and inner strength...
Model: 8C78-L-V
Green is the color of hope, perseverance, bringing balance and harmony. Those who prefer the green is a person who loves the outdoors, nature and respects the traditions...
Model: 8C78-L-A
Orange is a symbol of vitality, self-confidence, optimism, humor, wisdom and inner harmony. Who prefers the orange ponders its decisions and denotes strength, honor and generosity. In Chinese culture and Japanese orange is regarded as an expression of good wishes..
Model: 8C78-L-RO
Pink is the color of women, of passion and love, lightens the mind and away the stress. Those who prefer pink is an open person, who loves to open up to others and is always looking for the contact with people...
Model: 8C78-L-R
Red is the symbol of happiness, to win and excel, passion, love and confidence in ourselves..
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